Betsy is the photographer's daughter. She grew up in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, with her mom, working in her in-home studio. Betsy will never forget the way her mom's Hassleblad sounded when she would hit the shutter and wind the film. Betsy's dad also loves photography; he is more the journalistic-hobby type. It's apparent that Betsy picked up the shutterbug from her parents.

Betsy received a B.S. in mass communications concentrating in public relations at Minnesota State University Moorhead. During her college years, she took film photography as an elective with a very well-known, local photographer. She believes that this is when her interest in photography truly was piqued and when she fully started to enjoy film photography and developing. When Betsy started her career in various marketing, communications and public relations roles, she received numerous projects that required digital photography. She was fortunate to work at an engineering firm in Fargo, North Dakota, that required architectural photographs for its marketing and proposals. This is where Betsy quickly learned digital photography and easily transitioned from film photography to digital. She no longer works with film photography; now digital is the love of her life.

She currently owns Betsy Armour Images, LLC, and Betsy also does business as Betsy Bee Photography, a small studio at her home in Moorhead, Minnesota, where she mainly photographs newborns and children. She is also quite busy photographing on location for families, maternity, seniors and weddings. When she's not working in the studio, she is busy exploring her own 'backyard.' Betsy's family and she take a number of day trips to different picturesque locations in the Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. Most of her personal work reflects the beauty of nature and agriculture in these regions.